What is our principle?
Confidential. We will not disclose any of your information to the third part without your permission.
Secure. Nobody will know that we are working for you.
Stable. We've got numbers of servers around the world which ensures a stable service.
Free Trial. We provide you two days' free trial, and you will only have to pay if it works well.
Why you have to increase the Alexa rankings of your site?
To attract more and quality clients.
To get higher advertisement income.
To be ready to trade on NASDAQ stock market.
To have a good performance on NASDAQ.
To increase the membership fee.
To get the angel investment.
To better promote your site.
What you have to know about the Alexa ranking rules?
There's small possibility that the Alexa company changes the ranking rules totally, and the rank of your site may be influenced. In that case we will work to our best to adjust the technology accordingly to adapt the Alexa changes. Anyhow, to our years of experience there's really very small possibility of this kind of changes.
Two reasons may cause the fluctuation of your ranking
It is normal that your site ranking drops down during holidays, like Christmas days.
The Alexa changes the ranking rules totally. In that case the rank of some sites may increase and some may drop down dramatically. However, we will work to our best to adapt that change provided that we know it in advance.
Some tips about the Alexa rank.
There are two important data in Alexa ranking system. One is the daily rank <Yesterday>. The other is the comprehensive rank <3 mos. Avg.>. For example, if you want your site ranks within 500, we will make your site's ranking listed within 500 everyday. And after 3 months, your site will be ranked within 500.
What is the price?
Alexa Rank(daily) Price Requirement for your current daily rank
60,000--100,000 $488 per month None.
50,000 $499 per month None.
40,000 $550 per month None.
30,000 $555 per month None.
20,000 $600 per month None.
10,000 $700 per month Within 50,000.
8,000 $720 per month Within 50,000.
7,000 $750 per month Within 50,000.
6,000 $780 per month Within 50,000.
5,000 $800 per month  Within 50,000.
4,000 $960 per month  Within 50,000
3,000 $1,100 per month Within 50,000
2,000 $1,650 per month Within 50,000
1,000 $2,000 per month Within 50,000
900 $2,500 per month Within 50,000
800 $3,000 per month Within 50,000
700 $3,500 per month Within 3,000
600 $4,000 per month Within 3,000
500 $5,000 per month Within 3,000
400 $5,500 per month Within 3,000
300 $6,000 per month Within 3,000
200 $7,000 per month Within 3,000
100 $14,000 per month Within 1,000
(Note: 20%--30% fluctuation of rank is normal. You may contact us by mail or online if you want to know more of us and our services)
Something about the free trial.
We provide our customers with two days' free trial and you have to pay $10 as a deposit. You will get reimbursement if we do not  reach your goal and the deposit will be charged as service fee when we start to serve for you.

Q: Is there any success story?
A: Yes. If u like, we can provide u the ranking record of one of our successful cases. However, for the clients’ security, we have to hide their company details.

Q: Why not ranking your own site?
A: We do not want to be tracked by ALEXA , which will bring risks to our clients

(If you don't see your answer in the list above, please inform us your question or suggestion.)
How to contact us?
Email:   support@AlexaRankTeam.com
MSN(Online Chat):    AlexaRank@hotmail.com
AIM(Online Chat):    AlexaRankTeam
Yahoo Messenger(Online Chat):    AlexaRankTeam@yahoo.com